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Join us for one of our most unique shows to date. Locality welcomes the work of Marsha Kirk with an opening reception on Thursday, July 2 from 7-9.

Marsha Kirk | Explorations

Art as...a material investigation 
a sensory conversation
a personal exploration
a social examination

Why do I make art? I make art because I am curious. I am overwhelmed with ideas and emotion. Sometimes, I look at an object, a random object, and wonder if it could talk about how I feel or what I think. I study it. I appreciate its color, or texture, or purpose. How does it reveal a part of human existence? Can it stand as a symbol or reflection of how I see myself or the people around me? If I change it, what does it mean then? 

Why do I make art? Maybe I make art the same reason someone writes or speaks, to communicate. I value expressing thought. I value thought. I look in to Why and How. I have unrelenting and insatiable curiosity. I want to know why we do what we do and what it means for Life and Purpose. And when I find out something, I want to share it. I want to see if anyone else thinks the same and what they might add to that thought. 

Why do I make art? I make art to talk about the things we cannot see: emotional, intellectual, and spiritual concepts. I am a student of myself. I am a student of the people around me. My art is a visual representation of things I think and feel and try to understand and share with others. Each piece is an individual investigation, a careful compilation of materials, words, technical application, and presentation working together to express one of these intangible concepts.

Welcome to Locality Gallery and Workshop.
Locality features an eclectic mix of contemporary art, vintage design, and unique artifacts.  From our gallery in historic downtown Bedford, PA, we offer not only one of a kind treasures, but also a wealth of knowledge and experiences in the form of workshops, ongoing classes, guest artists, and special events.  It is our mission to share our passion for art and design, and to promote the arts in our community. 
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MARSHA KIRK | Explorations   July 2 - August 1