Artists make up the foundation of Locality. Seasoned veterans, sought after emerging artists, and talented newcomers have all found a home in the unique atmosphere of Locality.  Featured below is a small sampling of the works currently available at Locality from these artists.
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Ken Vrana, an internationally-recognized artist and photographer who has worked in mixed-media for almost 50 years. All of his pieces are one-of-a-kind and created by hand and among those who own his work are three American Presidents, Sen. Edward Kennedy and such well-known celebrities as Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon, George C. Scott, Jimmy Stewart, Rosemary Clooney and Rosie O'Donnell and racing legends Mario and Michael Andretti. He also accepts personal portrait commissions.

Ken is also the Chairman and President of The 1 in 8 Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes early detection for All cancers; www.1in8.org.  KEN'S WEBSITE
"Girls Gone Wild" by K. Vrana OOB 48" x 48"  $4500
"Casa Blanca"  by K. Vrana OOB 36" x 30" $2700  Self Portrait as Child
"Vrana" by K. Vrana OOB 11" x 14" SOLD     'Vrana' means Crow in Czech.
"El Dorado, TX" by K. Vrana OOB 28" x 22"  $2100
"Near the Inslet" by K. Vrana OOB 24" x 10"  $475 Near Ken's childhood home on Long Island.
Todd Groesbeck earned a BFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. An accomplished graphic designer and commercial illustrator, he is also an American Realist painter. Todd works mostly with oil paints in his home studio, painting candid examinations of everyday, working-class American life. Todd’s favorite subjects are the people and the land in Western Maryland, and Pennsylvania. He also accepts personal portrait commissions. TODD'S WEBSITE

"Colt 44" by T. Groesbeck OOB
Maverick artist Robert Sutton lives a lifestyle that many would envy. Traveling the hemisphere in his trusty van, he paints the many icons and simple places of this great land.  When asked about his work, Robert had this to say, "The paintings are little slices of place and time seen under the lens of my palate knife and pigment. They stand on their own as objects pleasing to the eye but also carry the spirit of the location they were conceived. For those that have been to the subject first hand it should jog memories and for those that haven’t it gives a way to travel without moving."​ ROBERT'S WEBSITE
Power of Conch - Key West, FL by R. Sutton SOLD
Founders Festivus - Florida Keys by R. Sutton
Farmers Market - Winter Park, FL by R. Sutton
Michael Long is one of the region's emerging stars, a new breed of talented artists whose inspiration and direction seem limitless. He may be best known for his "Cro-Magnon Man with Modern Tools", a six foot skeleton made entirely of plastic forks, spoons, knives, and plates. 
A proud member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and other regional groups, Michael is displaying in museums and limited galleries throughout the Allegheny region. His exclusive work can also be viewed in the Station Medical Center's permanent collection in Altoona, Pa. 
Forward Space in Rhythm by M. Long OOC SOLD
Cro-Magnon Man with Modern Tools by M. Long Melted Plasticware 7ft tall $4500
Female Abstract Nude by M. Long OOC $450
Tattered Boxes by M. Long Mixed Media $1500
The Fireband by M. Long Steel and Wood $375
Meghan Wise is a multifaceted artist who represents the future of the arts in Bedford. Her work runs the spectrum of media and expression, and is exhibited in galleries and shops throughout central Pennsylvania.
Wounded Woods by M. Wise OOC
Hang On by M. Wise OOC
Frozen Roses by M. Wise OOC
Joe Fennell was introduced to wood working at the age of three by his father and grandfather. Although his projects started small – jewelry boxes, fishing lures, boats for his G.I. Joes – his focus turned to cabinetry and furniture when he started working in his grandfather’s shop at the age of twelve, where he would wait until the shop was empty to familiarize himself with the machines. Mostly self-taught, his machine of choice is the lathe, where the process of turning wood feels like “pulling something out from the inside of a tree.” He has a degree in Industrial Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and currently lives in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
Zebra/Ebony Bowl by J. Fennell $325
Torched Maple Vase by J. Fennell $225
Canphor/Ebony/Bloodwood Vessel with Japanese Pearl by J. Fennell $425
Osage Orange/African Blackwood Bowl by J. Fennell $175
Red Gum Burl Plate by J. Fennell $275

Yong Sook likes to challenge  the viewer by combining unsettling environments where abstract and figurative subjects are developed. She is also deeply interested in the key challenges raised by modern art, such as the interplay between flatness, space, and color.

Signature member of the SCA, NAPCA, PWS, PWCS, et SDWS, she has been awarded in many national and international art shows, including the Artist’s Magazine/Watercolor Magic Magazine Prize with tour show (American Watercolor Society), Monarch Litho Award (National Watercolor Society), 1st prize at “The State Museum of Pennsylvania National Art Competition juried by, Judith Dolkart, Department of Painting and Sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, NYC.

Her work is represented in public collections such as Ottawa’s House of Commons in Canada, Canadian Civilization Museum, Loto-Quebec Art Visual Collection and Southern Alleghenies Museum. Yong Sook's Website

Red Landscape III
Red Landscape I

In Vanessa German’s multi-disciplinary work we find a sifting of evidence, an evaluation of material things, and a critique of the society she finds spread out before her: she is a witness to what she finds, and declares it loudly and passionately, and, for a shy woman, also fearlessly. She intuitively transforms her findings, her evidences, into her work. It does not come of nothing; it is not that class of genius. The word invention in its Latin root, means ‘to find or come upon’ (as in the Invention of the Cross), and significantly for German, it is the prime canon of rhetoric. -by Graham Shearing
Vanessa is an internationally sought after speaker, performer, poet, and visual artist.  She makes her home in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh where she runs the Art House, a community program for youth that gives them a safe place to make art, learn, and be loved. Vanessa's Website  Love Front Porch

Priscilla Keeps Going
Delia on Quilt with Mirror
Don't Tread on Me
Five Cent Shine
Kevin Kutz was born in 1955 in Pittsburgh, PA. He began oil painting at age 18 under the tutelage of Jean Slenker in Somerset, PA. Adoptive parents Eugene and Barbara Kutz nourished the creative urge and talents of this young artist and funded his education at Kiski School and Carnegie Mellon University where he had the opportunity to study with Herbert Olds and Douglas Wilson. Many a class was missed in favor of wandering vicinities of Pittsburgh filling sketchbooks. Understanding that monies spent on said missed classes was wasted, "I realized I was going to art on my own after becoming aware of self and the artists' responsibilities".

Kevin currently resides in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and continues to use his ever-flowing talent and passion to create amazing works of art on a full-time basis. KEVIN'S WEBSITE
The Hammock by K. Kutz OOC 48 x 102 $2800
Old South School by K. Kutz  OOC $1200
WPA Artists at C&G by K. Kutz OOB
"Mud.", is an exhibition of exceptional contemporary potters. Artists Simon Leach, Marilyn Lyoshir, Jack Troy, Helen Gorsuch, Matt Wren, Nick Brown, Chris Drobnock, and Michael Long will show a broad array of ceramic works. The all star group show kicks off Saturday, March 8 with an opening reception from 8-10. Artists will exhibit works in a multitude of styles, highlighting the diverging points of view in the contemporary pottery world. Masters of classical method, students of centuries old techniques, and maverick alchemists all serve to highlight the diverse points of view present in this most ancient of art forms. 

Mud. features internationally recognized stars, highly acclaimed regional artists, and up and coming talents.

Mud. March 8 - April 12
Simon Leach
Growing up surrounded by a family of potters, I draw on 
those early influences: the work of my Father, (David Leach), and Grandfather, (Bernard Leach), Japanese and Korean art. 
I have assimilated my surroundings; therefore my work has become a natural expression of what is personal to me. 
I find the ongoing challenge of discovering my own visual language and voice as a potter both exciting and rewarding. 
It is a lifetime journey. — SL -from www.simonleachpottery.com

Marilyn Lysohir
As an artist and a businesswoman, Marilyn Lysohir draws from a deep well of ambitious creativity. Her ceramic installations, which are often astounding for their sheer size, evolve from very personal points of inspiration into pieces that are overwhelming not just physically, but also in their simplicity. Lysohir's work isn't burdened with social or political overtones; nor does it beg for speculation on the part of its audience. Instead, Lysohir tends toward a philosophy that's a bare-faced and semi-literal representation of her life and her family and friends, shrugging off complications to rest on a more literal bedrock of interpretation. - from Idaho Arts Quarterly

Jack Troy 
I have picked up, moved, shaped, and lightened myself of many tons of clay, and those tons lifted, moved, and shaped me, delivering me to this living-space I wake and move about in,
space perhaps equal to that I have opened and enclosed
in plate, cup, bowl, jug, jar. I am thankful no one ever
led me to the pit I'd help to make in Earth, or showed me all the clay at once. I'm grateful no one ever said, There. That heap's about a hundred fifty tons. Go make yourself a life. And oh, yes, here's a drum of ink. See what you can do with that.
I wouldn't have known where to begin.
-from, "Calling the Planet Home" by Jack Troy.

Helen Gorsuch
I am drawn to the sculptural artifacts and folk art of ancient cultures. The challenge for me is designing and constructing clay sculptures using the techniques and kiln-firing processes employed by earlier potters. Animals, myths and literature have been great sources of inspiration. The majority of my sculptural works
are based on anthropomorphic themes or natural forms which have elements of fantasy. - from SAMA exhibition

Matt Wren
Matt Wren was studio technician at the Juniata College Ceramics Studio from 2011 - 2013 where he fired the Juniata Anagama and Jack Troy's Pixiegama and Komuri kilns all in Huntingdon, PA. During the summer of 2013 he was a studio assistant at the Sugar Maples Center for the Creative Arts in Maplecrest, NY. Now he is working out of his apartment and seeking kilns to fire in the Philadelphia area. -from www.matthewjwren.com

Nick Brown 
Driven by issues surrounding food security, right livelihood and the fallout of the Industrial Revolution, Nick Brown has been an artist-in-residence at the Cub Creek Foundation beginning in September and has been busy exploring these ideas and others through the lens of making. Having graduated with a degree in Clay and Philosophy from Juniata College in 2012, Nick focused on firing Japanese inspired wood kilns and was blessed to be a part of firing five different Anagama kilns in 2013. Nick is moving back to Central Pennsylvania from Virginia eager to develop more directed, community-born bodies of work.

Chris Drobnock
I am interested in an internal response in relationship to the viewer and the object. Our ability to see a humanness, or warmth, in the work presented allows us to connect with it in a more person-to-person way, not just in personal. This interaction develops into quiet conversation between the work and ourselves. The internal dialogue opens up the pathways for further introspection and potential “enlightenment by association” rather than assuming that the object can have no real connection with us because it is inanimate and remains inaccessible.

Michael Long
Mr. Long is a multi media artist residing in Duncansville, PA. He is a self taught artist displaying in businesses, galleries and museums in central and western Pennsylvania. Deviating from traditional techniques, he works to breathe new life into the art world. His large installation works can be seen in the permanent collection at the Station Medical Center in Altoona, PA.

Carolanne Currier
I enjoy making functional and decorative high-fired work, and have discovered that atmospheric firings (firings where heat is created by a flame that travels through the kiln) give me the look that pleases me the most. I like pots with a natural form and surface - pots that retain evidence of their plastic clay origin, and whose slips and earthy shino glazes record the path of the flame and the effects of prolonged heat. My pots are meant to be enjoyed in every day life; for a cup of tea, a meal, or to hold a bouquet of flowers for the table.
My goal is to combine the output of head, hands, and heart to make the ordinary a little more special.
- from thecooleygallery.com

March 8 - April 12
Opening Reception
Saturday, March 8