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Artist Victoria Pendragon tells her powerful personal story
from a childhood victim of unspeakable abuse, 
through her lifelong journey of peace and healing.

Locality is honored to present one our most significant and emotionally powerful exhibitions to date. Consisting of 18 collages and accompanying text panels, Ms. Pendragon unfolds her personal story of betrayal and victimization. The work documents the pain and emotional turmoil that dominated her life, but also the self discovery, and ultimately, the personal healing gained from a life dedicated to teaching and healing others.

Artist's Statement

"My art needs to engage me at a few levels…it needs to engage my mind and make me think, it needs to make me work for what wants to happen. I want to make other people think as well… to make them question… investigate…get involved with the work in some way…allowing the process to become the string on a kite that is the work itself. My art needs to thrill me both in the making and in the viewing of it. It needs to have a life of its own during the process, so much so that it is as if it were leading me in a dance of creation. It needs to satisfy me visually every step of the way; balance, beauty and composition matter to me but the art I make needs to be interesting beyond the aesthetics of it. 

I’m always engaging in an exploration and/or elaboration of something in my collage work; there’s a lot going on at a subliminal level, all kinds of subtle messages that feed into or are an underlying aspect of the overall piece. Our minds are capable of computing far more than we are consciously capable of recognizing in much the same way that when we taste a dish that has in it many complimentary herbs what we experience is an overall sensation. In this series, Witness, I strive to create a strong feeling sensation, encouraging a gut response from the viewer.

Witness began within one month of my mother’s death. It was she who steered me toward a career in the arts and she who had offered me up as a kind of sacrifice to her father and to mine. Witness reflects my ability, as a thriver, to view my experience with a kind of understanding that had been unavailable to me while still in the early stages of the healing process (a process which took many years). 
My early healing works were cathartic, allowing me to release what needed to be let go of; Witness was executed as a healing/teaching tool for others, that they might find glimpses or reflections of their life experiences in the feelings that the work generated. My early cathartic paintings were all about me; Witness is all about being human. While it depicts a story of abuse via the conduit of one woman’s life experiences, its collaged images allow a trans-personal connection that was simply not possible in the early paintings." -- Victoria Pendragon

Locality is presenting this work in partnership with Your Safe Haven and Bedford County Arts. In addition to the work of Ms. Pendragon, we will present an accompanying selection from the 1998 exhibition, "Daddy's Red, Mommy's Blue," a Bedford County Arts exhibit of works by abused children counseled through Your Safe Haven."

We welcome the public to attend a Reception and Artist Talk on Friday, October 10 at 7 p.m.. In addition Your Safe Haven will have trained counselors stationed nearby, should anyone attending need to speak privately with them.

No words from us can express the importance of this work in bringing awareness to the issues of sexual assault and domestic violence in our community. We encourage everyone make the time to see this work, to talk about, to share it.

WITNESS by Victoria Pendragon
Reception & Artist Talk
Friday, Oct 10 | 7pm

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WITNESS - by Victoria Pendragon October 10 - November 8
Your Safe Haven |

Your Safe Haven, Inc. (YSH), was incorporated in November of 1994 in response to the community’s need for a program to address the issue of domestic violence and its impact on the health, safety, and housing needs of individuals in Bedford County.
If you or someone you love has been a victim of a crime, let them know that assistance is available to help them heal from their experience by calling 814-623-7664 or toll free at 1-800-555-5671. All services are free and confidential
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