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Welcome to Locality | Founding Member of the Bedford Arts Cooperative
Locality is a multifaceted creative space in downtown Bedford, PA. The core of the space consists of a contemporary art gallery, and a new makerspace for art, design, and technology. In addition Locality serves as home to several performance and educational groups. 


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110 West Pitt Street
Suite 2 - On Riverside
Bedford, PA 15522

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Locality Gallery is excited to invite you to the opening reception for Annie Heisey - Edge of Dissolution, on Saturday November 17, from 6-9 p.m. The exhibition will run from November 17 through December 31st.

This contemporary artist offers a unique look at the world through dynamic paintings that are both thought provoking and visually arresting.

Annie Heisey is an artist and educator living and working in her native city of Pittsburgh, PA. Heisey's work has been exhibited across the country in galleries and institutions including the Boston Center for the Arts, Site:Brooklyn Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA, and is included in the collections of Clatsop Community College in Astoria, OR, and Arthur S. Goldberg of Boston, MA. 

"The process of painting for me is a metaphor for the constantly shifting way I see the world. I have always been fascinated by the way strokes of paint can come together to build and describe a form, and also how they can dissolve that form and return to simply being strokes of paint. They build the illusion that we understand what we are looking at, what we are experiencing, what we are living through.
My paintings hover on the edge of dissolution, questioning what is real and what is simply paint."

Annie Heisey
Edge of Dissolution
11/17 - 12/31
Opening Reception
Saturday, November 17

Get your copy of Locality creators, Jade and Michael Corle's new book, Bedford, A Chipmunk's Guide
Mama Chipmunk and Little Chipmunk invite you on a great adventure right here in our community. You will have to search far and wide, learn new and facinating things, go on side missions to get loot or collect bonus knowledge, and most of all, discover the chipmunks hiding throughout our Downtown and Neighborhood.

Do you accept the challenge!?!

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