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Welcome to Locality | Founding Member of the Bedford Arts Cooperative
Locality is a multifaceted creative space in downtown Bedford, PA. The core of the space consists of a contemporary art gallery, and a new makerspace for art, design, and technology. In addition Locality serves as home to several performance and educational groups. 


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Join us Now at our New Location!
110 West Pitt Street, Suite 2 - On Riverside, Bedford, PA 15522
Parking Entrance on Juliana Street between Pitt and Fort Bedford Park

110 West Pitt Street
Suite 2 - On Riverside
Bedford, PA 15522

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Tickets for "Murder in Ancient Egypt" an immersive theatrical experience. 
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Locality is excited to announce our Summer Downtown Learning Club for students entering K-3rd grade!
Each camp is Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8:30-12 with our awesome instructor Mrs. Tammy Wolfhope! Each week students will be engaged in a different enrichment theme that combines hands on learning with a greater understanding of our wonderful downtown! Students will engage in dynamic learning activities centered around ART and STEM concepts and take walking tours of different businesses and organizations in historic Bedford, PA!

Sessions are $25 a week or $120 for all 5 weeks. 

Camps are jam packed with activities that focus on Art, Science, Math, Music, History, Reading, Community and more.

June 19 and 24 Rising to the Occasion
Campers will tour the local pizza shop, make dough and bake bread, practice measuring, conduct science experiments , learn new songs, listen to stories about pizza, create food themed art projects and more!

June 26 and 28 Little Fire Cracker
Campers will tour the Fort Bedford Museum, learn about the history and meaning of our flag, make A LOT of fireworks art, play new games, sings songs about the states, paint T-shirts, and read poetry!  (white t-shirt required)

No Camps Independence Day Week.

July 10 and 12 For the Birds
​Its all about birds for these campers as they go bird watching at the river, create bird artwork, examine birds scientifically, sing songs about birds, do bird dances, build bird feeders and more!

July 17 and 19 The Frozen Project
​ Campers will scream for this camp that is all about ICE CREAM!  Campers will study ice cream, talk about ice cream, create art about ice cream, learn math about ice cream, make homemade ice cream, and visit a candy store and eat ice cream!

July 24 and 26 Trip to the Market
​Students will visit the Farmers Market and the grocery store, learn about healthy eating, play games about good food, create art about food,heard stories about food and more!

Space is limited, so sign up today!
Fine Arts Boot Camp Students entering 4th grade and up. 
June 19, 20, 21 & 26, 27, 28 1-4 pm
Get your hands dirty with this intensive training in the fundamentals of drawing, painting and sculpture. Students will learn to develop their drawing skills focusing on composition, contour, and light & shadow. Then they will move into painting, working with both translucent and opaque paints.  Just when they are pushed to their limit we will shift gears and dive into developing sculptural skills and techniques. Not for the faint of heart!

Animator! Students entering 4th grade and up. 
July 10, 11, 12 & 17, 18, 19 1-4 pm
Learn to create entire worlds from scratch with Animator! Campers will be challenged to use their imagination while learning the technical skills to create their own animated adventures.  Character design, story development, film making technique, and animation fundamentals such as timing, line of action, anticipation, squash and stretch and secondary motion will be explored.

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